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How to find out which is the right ad format for your brand in 2021

How to find out which is the right ad format for your brand in 2021?

There is a plethora of competition in almost every industry, and if you want to stay ahead of them and be a consistent market leader then you must strategically choose the right ad format that will give you the best ROI. It isn’t a big deal to crack the right ad format for your business, all you need is to invest in a good PPC company in Chennai, it will give your company the best industry-standard service at an affordable price.  

Facebook ads manager allows you to choose from a wide range of ad formats like image, video, carousal, slideshow, collection and instant experience. The most popular ones generally are image, video and carousel.  And the best one (at least according to me) is definitely video and carousel. Video, because it’s engaging, appealing and advertisers can get a chance to be visually creative and make compelling videos, that make sure your audience turns to your customer and your customers turn as your loyal customers. Organic video content on FaceBook has been on a fast growth trajectory for a long while, and has tremendously impacted strategies of brands of all sizes and industries.  

The best video production companies in Chennai provide holistic video production and marketing solutions that might just help you get those compelling videos that your brand needs. Carousels are nothing but a series of photos in a single post. This format is an efficient way to emphasize the product details or tell a cohesive story throughout the entire sequence. One more benefit of carousel posts in both instagram and facebook is that if the users have not seen all the photos in a post, they’ll keep getting your post in their feed until they see the last photo of the carousel post. Now isn’t that something really cool? Just with the help of one post you can grab the attention of the users for 10 times unlike that of an image post. Thus you must definitely harness the potential of carousel and video ad posts with the help of an expert PPC agency in Chennai

The ad format you choose mainly depends on the objective of your campaign. The desired objectives can widely range from brand awareness, reach, traffic engagement, app installs, lead generation, conversions and so on. Apart from choosing the right ad format, it’s also equally important to choose the right ad placement. Whether it is Facebook feed, stories, instant articles, instream video, messenger inbox or the marketplace make sure that it aligns with your digital marketing objective. Did you know that potential gains from Facebook advertising has grown more than 40 times over the last decade worldwide. You can literally see tangible results with the help of Facebook ads manager. Thus start investing in your ad format strategy right away to leverage those profitable results.

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