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Powerful Digital Marketing Channels For Small Businesses

Powerful Digital Marketing Channels For Small Businesses

Even though traditional means of advertising is still prevalent, it is not effective as a standalone strategy. Brands need to combine the old with the new. This approach adds more value to the customers. For a small business, there are a lot of ways to do digital marketing in Chennai. In this blog post, we will see the powerful digital marketing channels for small businesses.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a collection of services that are performed with various objectives in mind. Sometimes, it may be a lead generation while other times, it can be brand awareness. Digital marketing includes SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, Video marketing, content marketing, and display advertising.

The subsequent sections of the blog will highlight the online marketing channels for small businesses.

1 – Video Marketing

This form of marketing is gaining popularity every day. But why do business people need to consider video marketing? Well, let us answer that with some facts. It is found that 72% of the businesses agree that video marketing has skyrocketed their conversion rates. Therefore, this form of digital marketing service in Chennai is quite effective for small businesses to connect with their customers.

Video marketing also tops when it comes to engagement. In a study, 70% of the respondents agreed to have shared a brand’s video. Hence, video marketing should be on the to-do list of a company.

2 – Social Media Marketing

The world has become small and all geographical boundaries have vanished. Brands reach out to their customers via social media. It is the most widely used platform for engagement. Also, it can benefit a small business to a large extent if used right. 73% of business owners say that social media has been very effective for their brand. The communication between the customers and the company happens very quickly and therefore, it is very crucial to maintain a positive rapport as anything otherwise can instantly take a hit on the brand’s reputation.

A company’s main objective is to create meaningful and engaging content on social media. Working with a reputed social media agency in Chennai would help a small business owner in creating noteworthy social media campaigns.

3 – Search Engine Optimization

The traffic that you receive via SEO campaigns is more likely to convert since the user intent for the search is very high. 64% of businesses proactively spend on SEO. It is because the traffic and the visitors gained via this channel weigh high in quality. A business will require the guidance of an SEO company in Chennai for a data-driven SEO approach.

4 – Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an effective digital channel that can earn up to 3 times more leads for 62% less effort than the traditional approach. A business should build engaging lead magnets like infographics, blog posts, social media posts, checklists, and white papers. When a brand produces consistent content that is rich in quality will drive leads and also pave the way for brand loyalty.

A small business can see high-quality results even on a restricted budget through these four digital marketing channels. Consulting a reputed SEO, SEM, & PPC agency in Chennai would create more opportunities for the brand’s success.

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