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Right now is the time to place your site for a successful beginning of “2020”

Are you still focusing on the link building?  Now it’s the right time to shift some of your focus to other zones.

The year is nearly over and it’s the stage to jump preparing your SEO tactics for next year!

Now is the time to place your Website for a successful Position in SERP.

Plan the future.

First off, I’m not saying you to abandon your present link building tactic – backlinks are just as valuable in November as they are in January.

I suggest you invest in long-term advantages. These advantages include:

•          Competitive review& analysis

•          Content creation & planning

•          Auditing on-page SEO issues.

These are the actions that will impact the future of your site.

Competitive review and analysis.

This year comes to an end, it’s time to check your opponents and analysis what they have been updated in terms of search.

Its right place to begin with your competitors’ website, first off identify the pages which are serving them to get organic traffic. Review those pages to determine if it would be possible to build similar pages on your website.


  • What kind of traffic would come from ranking for this term?
  • Is this topic is related to my viewers?

(SEO) Search Engine Optimizations isn’t just about making your keyword rankings for organic traffic. In SERP the Search results are always fluctuating, and if you don’t defend your positions you will lose your organic traffic.


  • Optimize your on-page factors
  • Update your existing content with fresh &informative content.

Content creation and planning.

Good Content has the capability of striking the readers’ mind in the initial few seconds. Content should be attractive enough to inspire the guest to spend a long time on the site. Professional content development is capable of developing effective work based on the purpose of the site and customer requirements.

Developing the content with an aim which will help you to achieve your business goal. The Content should make the guest feel relative to the site and encourage them to explore the Website further. This can ultimately lead to the purchase of services and products. The professional content writers are knowledgeable and skillful in writing satisfactory content which is according to the client’s demand. It is kind of obvious that if you want to make your website produce revenues, the content should be written by professionals.

Audit on-page SEO issues.

Finally, take some to audit your website on-page SEO.

Some common issues that we find in ON-Page:

  • Broken links and images
  • Missing alt tag
  • Duplicate content
  • Redirections codes

Solving up those issues will help you to improve your site’s overall search performance.

Optimize Your Website

  • Page speed
  • Improve keyword focus
  • mobile-friendliness
  • Schema markup

These optimizations can coincide perfectly with updates and refreshes to content


Fellow the above points to face your “2020”

Cheers to a NEW YEAR and it’s another chance for us to get it Right

Wish You the “Happy New Year”