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We have proved expertise in implementing successful SEO strategies and bringing in ROI to empower over 500+ clients across 50+ industries.


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We make careful and informed decisions with comprehensive data obtained from best-in-market tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, and Pitchbox.


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We collaborate seamlessly with your business to bring out the best SEO for your goals, and adapt swiftly to latest trends.


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With some of the best SEO experts in the industry working for your business, cost-effective and outstanding results are guaranteed.

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SEO Audit

Conducting a technical SEO audit is an important component of a website’s assessment and management. It helps appraise a website’s technical aspects, identify and fix the issues that may affect its performance in Google search results. SEO companies in Chennai monitor various factors that can potentially affect your website like page speed, crawl errors, broken links, duplicate content, and improper redirects. By focusing on such issues, we help you achieve higher search engine rankings which in turn leads to increased brand awareness, visibility, website traffic and lead generation.

Our team of experts conduct regular audits to keep an eye on website performance. These audits include SEO, security, accessibility, content, and code factors to assess the technical aspects of your website regularly and ensure that it functions optimally. We use the best-in-market tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to determine and maintain the speed and performance of your website. At infiniX360, we help you in identifying and resolving technical issues proactively, to prevent potential performance disruptions, downtime, and security threats.

As a leading SEO company in Chennai, we strive to stay ahead of your competition and provide comprehensive, customized solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of your business. Our team is commitment to staying updated and adapting to the latest trends and strategies has not only helped us overcome frequent algorithmic changes but also achieve significant results for you business

Technical SEO Audit
Keyword Research

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundational aspect of search engine optimization. It serves as a means to help online content reach its relevant and target audience. For businesses looking to stay ahead of competition in the digital search system, keyword research and optimization remains an integral part of the marketing strategy. The main purpose of keyword research is to gain deep insights into the potential clientele – the type of content they consume and the content that will influence them to make a purchase decision. We help businesses improve their visibility in search engine rankings with keyword optimized content.

On-page SEO includes optimizing website content, meta tags, and other HTML elements to improve a website’s search engine rankings. Off-page SEO focuses on building backlinks, social signals, and online reputation to increase your site’s authority and credibility in search engines. By implementing both as a part of your SEO strategy, you can have a well-rounded marketing plan for your business.

Our experts are well-versed in strategically incorporating your target keywords into your website and blog content to boost indexing and also increase Google rankings. Keywords are an important part of the SEO optimization process. As one of the best SEO companies in Chennai, we take time to understand your business, industry, and goals. We also perform a comprehensive competitor analysis to uncover potential keyword opportunities to target.


The process of tag optimization involves fine-tuning various HTML tags within the code of the website to achieve strategic objectives. These HTML tags serve as the backbone of a web page by providing vital information to both search engines and users about the content they represent. The first elements of a webpage/website that pop up on a browser’s search results are meta titles and descriptions. It’s important for meta titles and descriptions to be well-optimized to significantly contribute to a website’s visibility in search results.

We perform tag optimization strategies to enhance the tags to align with your business’s specific messaging, positioning and goals. Our SEO services in Chennai feature elements like title tags, meta descriptions, header tags (H1, H2, etc.), and image alt tags. Our team begins the overall optimization process with in-depth examination of the existing tags, evaluating their effectiveness in conveying your website’s purpose and relevance to the search engines.

As a leading SEO company in Chennai, we at infiniX360 customize recommendations for the meta tags of your website to serve a dual purpose like capturing the attention of users in search engine results and also providing search engines with information about the content of the page. We understand the importance of customizing strategies according to each business’s unique characteristics, goals, and industry context.

Tag optimization
Content Structure

Content Structure

Content Structure Optimization is a vital process to organize and format the content of a website to enhance its readability, user experience, and search engine visibility. Good quality content plays a significant role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a great content layout and hierarchy involving elements such as text, images, headings, keywords and on-page blogs.

As one of the best SEO companies in Chennai, our primary goal is to present clear, useful, and relevant information in the best possible format for both the users and the search engines. This is not a one-time activity but an ongoing process. We at infiniX360 adopt well-rounded strategies to help your business and ensure that your content meets the growing expectations of your audience and aligns with the standard search engine guidelines and SEO best practices.

Our SEO services team prioritizes comprehensive and customized content for every business we work with. Our approach to content structure mainly focuses on organizing content based on readability and relevance, implementing internal linking, and regularly monitoring content performance. Our experts also target the specific needs of your audience to make it easier to achieve your goals for a marketing campaign. We at infiniX360, give equal importance to optimizing the structure for any website whether it’s an e-commerce platform, informational blog, service or corporate site.

Link Profile

Every website should have a quality link profile consisting of a diverse assortment of backlinks directed toward it. The overall quality of the link profile shows that the website is a valuable resource within its specific domain and industry. A number of factors contribute to the link profile and collectively boost a website’s authority, credibility, and visibility.

It’s common for search engines to evaluate a website based on its content strategy, quantity, quality and relevant links that guide traffic to your website. Relevant links act as digital votes of confidence, affirming the website’s trustworthiness and proficiency, by the other websites and blogs. We understand that it is extremely vital for websites to obtain contextually relevant links and not waste your time and efforts on irrelevant and spam links that may cause harm to your website’s ranking or integrity.

As a top SEO company in Chennai, we conduct regular audits and reviews of your website’s link profile with the help of tools like SemRush, Ahrefs and much more. We also scrutinize the backlinks periodically to identify potentially harmful or low-quality links that may have accidentally become part of the profile and disavow them. This proactive approach has helped us to make sure the effectiveness of your backlink profile and to enhance your overall link-building strategy.

Quality Link Profile
User Experience

User Experience

User Experience Optimization is a key factor in influencing the visitors’ experience, interaction and response to the entire website. Indirectly, the success and performance of any website depend on its ability to provide a satisfying user experience. To keep visitors engaged and encourage them to explore further, the initial impression of user experience plays a significant role.

Users form an impression of a website within seconds and if their initial interaction is confusing and sluggish, they will likely leave the website within the first few seconds. Having an intuitive and visually appealing design with clear calls to action will improve your user journey, reduce bounce rates, and increase the probability of conversion.

Our team understands the importance of focusing on optimizing critical touch points like landing pages and conversion funnels. We do consistent A/B testing to try out different design elements, messaging and calls to action to find out what works best for your users. Based on real-time user behaviour patterns and interactions with your website, our strategies can be refined to improve the user journey further and maximize conversions.

As a leading SEO service provider in Chennai, we understand that every business is unique and take great pride in collaborating with brands to create a customized marketing plan that aligns with their goals, maximizes ROI, and integrates personalized elements into the user experience.

Google Tool

To get the best out of the various tools and services provided by Google, Google Tool Integration is implemented. It helps improve and add additional benefits to digital marketing, web development, and overall digital business strategies. Google offers a wide range of tools and applications that work cohesively to boost the efficiency, performance, and success of a website.

Our SEO experts in Chennai recommend utilizing Google tool integration to optimize your online presence and maximize digital marketing efforts.

With Google Analytics, we get access to detailed reports, including the number of visitors to the website, where they are coming from, how long they spend on the website, and which pages they visit most frequently. This information will be used to identify areas for improvement, optimize relevant content, and personalize marketing strategies to the specific needs of your target audience. Our team also makes use of Google Search Console for deep insights into search queries, click-through rates, current performance and potential issues that may affect website visibility in Google Search results.

Another vital tool is Google Tag Manager, which helps us enhance the flexibility in tracking user interactions, contributing to more efficient and accurate data collection for analytics purposes. With the additional information on search queries and indexing status, we prevent and fix the potential issues that may impact your website.

Google Tool
Google Business

Google Business
Page Optimization

To increase the visibility and credibility of businesses, especially local businesses, it’s important to set up a distinct Google Business Page. This includes accurate and detailed business information including the address, contact details, hours of operation and the website link. This immensely helps in guiding the customers in discovering a business for the first time in search results to the physical store or online website. Our SEO services in Chennai suggest the use of relevant keywords in the business name and description to boost your website’s SEO and make it more visible in search results.

It’s also important to regularly update the Google profile of your business with posts about offers, events, or news. We guide in keeping the content of your profile fresh and engaging, to display an active presence to your potential customers. With the help of positive customer reviews, you can build trust and credibility and attract and retain customers.

When potential customers search for products or services like yours in a specific geography, your well-optimized Google business page will appear at the top of search results, driving more organic traffic to the website. We at infiniX360, implement the latest SEO strategies as an expert in local SEO services in Chennai.

Web Crawler

To ensure any search engine collects relevant information from your website, web crawler configuration is a critical aspect. This includes key components such as the crawl frequency which determines how often the crawler visits a website. Additionally, the crawl depth also needs to be set up, specifying how many layers of linked pages the crawler should explore.

To help boost the positive impact on your website’s search engine ranking, our experts perform in-depth analysis and customize a robots.txt file, that will communicate with the web crawlers on which pages to crawl and which to ignore. This is usually placed in the root directory of a website. We also recommend customizing a sitemap for your website. It’s an XML file that contains the list of all the URLs of your website. Our SEO team curates XML files with the help of various tools and plugins and makes it easier for the crawler to find all the pages of your website.

With the help of Google Search Console, our experts keep a close eye on crawl errors and ensure that they are addressed promptly. As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai, our services contribute to a positive user experience with an optimized web crawler configuration.

Web Crawler


Reporting plays a major role in detecting the current performance and areas of improvement in the overall SEO strategy. It provides a definite measurement of how effectiveness our SEO strategies are by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, backlinks, and conversion rates. Comprehensive metrics provide a detailed overview of the website’s visibility, reach, and ability to attract and engage the target audience.

Our SEO reports are incomplete without a thorough competitor analysis. We make adjustments and improvements in your SEO strategies after obtaining exhaustive reports on your competitors. We recommend this analysis as a part of your SEO strategy to gain additional, valuable insights and to boost your website above your competitors.

Our comprehensive reports help visualize future SEO strategies and ultimately drive better results for your website. Consistently analyzing and adapting based on the insights gained from these SEO reports can continually enhance the search engine optimization SEO efforts for your website. As a leading SEO agency in Chennai, our team frequently identifies and updates you regarding the areas of improvement and frequently communicates the ROI of SEO activities to stakeholders like you.

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Yes, not all businesses are identical. Each business has its own set of objectives, goals, and preferences. Depending on their unique industry practices, needs, timeline, and specific audience, infiniX360, formulates customized SEO plans for each business. We regularly monitor performance metrics and make required improvements and adjustments to best suit your current process and priorities.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, where a company’s website is optimized organically for prominent visibility on Google, Bing, and other search engines where people search for products, services, as well as relevant information about anything literally. With the help of effective SEO services provided by infiniX360 Chennai, your website content will start ranking on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing its online visibility and organic traffic. This results in making the visitors fully aware of what your brand has to offer and makes a positive impact on your overall engagement rate and conversions.

With over 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing field, infiniX360 has gathered vast industrial knowledge and expertise as a result of working with businesses across diverse sectors. Our portfolio includes industries like Technology, Healthcare, Insurance, Education e-Commerce, and the list goes on. Over the years, we have gained a deep understanding of target audiences, industry trends, and challenges to be addressed. 

We are well-equipped to recommend and execute innovative strategies coordinating with the objectives of your company. We have a very easy and collaborative approach with our clients and provide transparent communication and reporting throughout our partnership. The client success stories showcased on our website speak volumes about the significant benefits they achieved through our SEO strategies. 

This expertise, experience and trust has helped us become one of the best SEO companies in Chennai.

To assess the effectiveness of our SEO efforts and identify the areas for improvement, Infinx closely monitors a range of key metrics. These include organic reach and traffic, keyword rankings, and organic conversions. From a technical SEO aspect, we look at metrics like site health score, crawl errors, backlink number, backlink quality, page speed, etc. To measure engagement we look at the number of clicks on a given page, pages per session, engagement rate, scroll depth etc. These metrics serve as the fundamental key performance indicators (KPIs) in evaluating the success of our SEO initiatives

 At infiniX360, we provide our customers with access to a client dashboard where they get access to accurate and up-to-date insights into the company’s performance regularly. This dashboard allows you to view and get a sense of the overall progress, percentage of target achieved and other key performance indicators (KPIs). You can also monitor both the growth and areas for improvement through this data. The dashboard and other manually created reports and insights are periodically updated to stay on top of everything, enabling us to make informed decisions about ongoing and future SEO strategies.

SEO provides numerous benefits, beginning with the generation of long-term online traffic to your website from the intended audience. SEO strategies are cost-effective, offering sustainable growth and benefits, unlike pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that require continual expenses. Additionally, SEO has a broader reach when compared to Google Ads or PPC, which are confined to specific platforms or forums. This allows your website or content to attract a more extensive and diverse target audience across various online channels.

  Yes, as soon as we have you on board, a dedicated client account manager and coordinator will take charge as our team’s primary point of contact. He/she will help communicate, inform and keep you updated on every SEO job. Also, we highly recommend you choose a single point of contact from your team as well. Our SEO services team in Chennai follow a simplified communication technique to guarantee an easy implementation of our SEO strategies while eliminating the possibility of misunderstandings and escalations. The performance reports and other necessary documents and information will be shared with you at regular intervals without fail.

As assurance that we offer the best SEO services in Chennai, we take great pride in sharing our success stories. Please visit here to view our clients’ valuable testimonials.

Certainly, at infiniX360 we possess the capability to scale up our services as needed with the help of sufficient resources at our disposal. When clients require adjustments or enhancements to their projects, we can readily accommodate these changes. Our streamlined process and flexible approach allow us to respond promptly to client requirements, ensuring that we deliver the highest level of service and meet their expectations effectively. We follow a fool-proof standardized process that remains unaffected by any seasonal changes or algorithm updates. With our skilled and highly passionate team, we easily upgrade and apply modern strategies and trends.

SEO algorithms are frequently updated, with hundreds of changes occurring throughout the year. Due to constant shifts in market trends, technology, and customer needs, SEO algorithms are updated frequently. These changes include small search query changes to major algorithm changes, like broad core algorithm updates, which are released each year. For instance, helpful content updates and spam updates have been the most recent ones that focus on the quality of any content. Our SEO team at infiniX360 Chennai consistently stays tuned with the advancements and updates in algorithms. This helps us follow the best SEO strategies

 produce the most useful content.

No, SEO is not a one-time effort or investment. It is a continuous, long-term process that generates sustainable results if done right. With periodic algorithm updates and evolving user behaviour, it demands ongoing monitoring and adaptability to these changes. For instance, Google regularly updates its algorithm to enhance the quality of search results. Furthermore, the competitive online landscape adds complexity to maintaining visibility, necessitating constant adjustment with fresh content, timely blog posts, and high-quality link building. Thus, we cannot just do the initial research, create content and stop. Focussing on optimization strategies, keyword trends, growing competition and brand performance is not a choice but a necessity to stay relevant and attain exponential growth.

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