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Editing / Post-production Services

Video Production Services

Bring life to the story that you worked so hard

The edit is where the magic happens. Where you see the story you worked so hard on come to life in front of you. There’s often a misconception that editing is merely taking out the ‘bad bits’ to leave behind what was planned all along, but it’s so much more complex than that. Often referred to as the second phase of scripting; editing is storytelling. Editing is setting the tone. It’s knowing when to speed things up…and when to breathe. It’s as much about taking away as it is adding content. It’s building, cutting, pacing and trimming. Editing is creating signposts for your audience so that they clearly understand you and your message. Through editing we can bypass rational thought and appeal to your audience on an emotional level. And above all, editing can change behaviour. We have an in-house team of highly experienced editors, who live for the finer details as much as the bigger picture. We like them to get involved as early as possible in pre-production so they can fully understand the brief and begin plotting the direction and form that the film will take even before the cameras are rolling. They also like to flex their creative muscles at this stage, offering an editor’s perspective on how production could be approached, particularly when it comes to camera movement and framing. And once they eventually get their hands on all that footage, it’s a case of using all the assets available to them (storyboards, scripts, mood film references, music etc) to start sculpting your video. This usually begins as an assembly edit, which after plenty of re-working and trimming down gradually turns into a first cut. From there, we work with your feedback and advise on how best to take the film forward into a 2nd and then final cut.




Our Process

Set Clear Objectives & Define Success

Video AgencyWe work with you on specific & achievable video objectives. This makes measuring your success simple and gives the project clear direction.

Research Audience & Market

Video AgencyGood research is vital to any video project. We support your existing data with analysis into your target audience and what they care about.

Decide Core Messages

Video AgencyTogether we construct a core message to drive action towards your goals that’s in line with your brand and engaging for your audience.

Develop Creative Idea & Story

Video AgencyUsing a blend of imagination and insight, we develop a creative concept for your video. Once the idea is fleshed out we build the narrative.

Script & Storyboard

Video AgencyNext we write a video script that incorporates your message and story. We also help you visualize the finished piece through a storyboard.

Film, Animate & Edit

Video AgencyThe production team handles filming. After that comes editing and animation work, where your story and creative idea are brought to life.

Measure Success

Video AgencyOnce you’re completely happy, it’s time to distribute your video content. And we report on its success based on your original objectives.

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