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How To Measure The Success Of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Every digital marketing campaign strives for a positive return on investment. Even though digital marketing aims to boost sales, not all campaigns are profitable. While some campaigns help increase brand awareness and others might drive traffic to your blog, only long-term results can be measured, including immediate effects. This raises an important question: How do you know if your digital marketing efforts are practical?

If you want to learn how to measure digital marketing success, this blog post is for you. We’ve divided these methods into conversions and website behaviour to clarify the above question further.


Conversions happen when visitors or clients respond to your digital marketing strategies by taking particular actions. Conversions are more directly linked to sales and revenues than website behaviour. Because your ultimate goal is to increase profits, it is critical that your digital marketing converts.

Here are four types of conversions that can indicate a successful campaign:

Online sales

Using Google Analytics or another Web Analytics platform makes it simple to monitor your online sales. A small piece of code you add to your website will allow you to track which of your campaigns leads to the most online sales. For entrepreneurs who exclusively run online businesses, this conversion is crucial.

Online-To-Store Sales

Only some people who find your company online will buy from you. Local customers are more likely to visit your store and purchase in person. How are these conversions measured?

Don’t worry; there are methods for measuring online-to-store sales.

For example, on your website, you can collect information from prospective customers, such as email addresses, which can then be compared to data collected at the cash register. Alternatively, you can provide a unique discount code on your website so that when customers redeem the discount, you can easily link it back to the marketing campaign. You could also ask clients directly if they learned about your business online. Please keep track of their responses in a spreadsheet and ask how they found you, such as through a PPC Ad, Facebook, or a Google search. The campaigns leading to the most in-store conversions can then be identified.

Leads From Web Forms

Customers can use the forms on most websites to request services, schedule appointments, or request more information. You can determine which campaigns generate the most usage of your various web forms if you’re using Google Analytics.

Any website visitor who submits a quote request form has the potential to become a client. As a result, the number of leads (Web form submissions) generated can be used to assess a marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Leads And Sales From Phone Calls

Tracking leads and sales from phone calls are also essential for businesses that rely on the phone to drive sales.

To track calls, you’ll need to enable Dynamic Number Insertion or DNI, which displays different phone numbers to visitors based on how they arrived at your website. You can then examine your phone logs to determine which campaigns generate the most calls.

Website Behaviour

The following are four methods for determining digital marketing success based on website behaviour:

Website Visits

This one is straightforward: which of your digital marketing campaigns drives the most traffic to your website? Although this is a more limited metric than e-commerce and web form conversions, tracking visits by marketing channel is still important.

This is especially useful when looking at traffic patterns over time. For example, you’ll want to track Organic Search Traffic (SEO traffic) over time to see if your SEO efforts are paying off. Furthermore, if you notice a sudden drop in SEO traffic, you can identify potential issues early.

Page Views Per Visit

Visits to your website are essential, but they also need to show whether or not visitors are interested in your business. What happens if nobody who visits your website navigates to the different pages and products you offer?

Fortunately, Google Analytics can show you the average number of pages viewed per visit and how visitors move around your website.

Keep track of the pages that your clients frequently visit. Online customers are more likely to be drawn to certain aspects of your company or particular items in your inventory. You can learn more about the subjects that interest your readers the most if you’re promoting your blog.

Time Spent On The Website

What is the average time spent by visitors on your blog or website? Which of your digital marketing campaigns draws the most attentive audience members?

Analytics can monitor this as well. Once more, browsing time on your website is not directly related to sales, but people who browse more often are more likely to purchase in the future.

Bounce Rates

In digital marketing, bouncing might be preferable for several reasons such as,

  • When people visit your website and immediately click the “back” button 
  • If your campaigns have high bounce rates
  • If your marketing strategy and landing page are most likely out of sync. 

However, Google might consider websites with a high bounce rate to be spam or low-quality, which would result in an SEO penalty. Track your bounce rates with Google Analytics to find trends in your marketing campaigns.

Knowing how to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. You won’t have to guess whether or not various campaigns are wasting your time. You can adjust or disable campaigns that aren’t performing well or sharpen campaigns to focus on your objectives.

Before starting a campaign, decide how you’ll evaluate its success. Yes, your marketing strategy will need to be more carefully thought out, but you should only start a digital marketing campaign with a specific objective in mind. If you plan ahead of time and aim for a specific goal, you will be more likely to receive positive results when measuring the success of campaigns. infiniX360 one of the best branding companies in Chennai will help you to establish clear metrics and goals for your business to achieve success in your marketing goals. Contact us to ensure that your marketing goals are not only effective but also efficient in the long run.