How To Fix A Traffic Drop After Rebranding

How to fix a traffic drop after rebranding


Rebranding is done when a company is growing or is facing big PR problems. It can be very important for any business, depicting growth, evolution or shift in direction of the company. But the problem is when rebranding there can be a risk of encountering a sudden drop in website traffic. Fortunately there are many strategies to diagnose the issues and recover lost traffic. Below are some common solutions to regain traffic post rebranding. 

Audit Your Website:

Auditing your website is the first step after rebranding. During the rebranding process look for any technical issues that might have risen. You need to review all the branding elements of your websites including logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery. Make sure that they align with your new brand identity. Get the help of a digital marketing agency that evaluates your website and helps you improve the overall look and optimize your content. All the website’s content should be reviewed to make sure it reflects the tone and remove any outdated information in your website. You need to check for broken links, missing pages or changes in URL structure that could disrupt organic traffic flow. Google search consoles and website crawlers are tools that can help you identify these issues effectively. 

Analyze Keyword Rankings:

Look into how the rebranding has affected your keyword rankings. It’s possible that your new keywords are not optimized according to your new website. Identify the main keywords that drive organic traffic to your website. Compare them based on their relevance to your old brand and potential relevance to your new brand. Use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, or Google search console to track keyword rankings. Set up rankings for both branded and non branded keywords to understand how the rebrand impacts visibility for both. Conduct a thorough analysis of keyword rankings compared to the pre rebrand benchmark after the rebranding process is complete. Regular reports on keyword ranking and organic traffic performance should be prepared to show it to shareholders. Keyword ranking continues to fluctuate in the weeks and months following the rebrand. You need to continue monitoring the keywords and organic traffic using a SEO company in Chennai and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly that can have a drastic effect on your site. 

Evaluate Backlink Profile: 

The changes in backlink might change the backlink profile. Some links may become irrelevant or broken after rebranding. Reachout to webmasters to update any links pointing to your old branding and evaluate your backlinks. Focus mainly on building new, high quality backlinks that align with your new identity as a brand. Reach out to website owners linking to your old brand and request them to update the anchor text or URL to reflect your new brand name and website. Anchor texts used in backlinks should be analyzed. Make sure they are diverse and not overly optimized with the exact match keywords. If you come across toxic backlinks that you can’t remove or update, use Google’s Disavow tool to instruct Google to ignore these backlinks when assessing your site’s rankings. At Infinix, we provide the best SEO in Chennai that gives you a well planned and executed backlink profile evaluation and management strategy. 

Review Content Quality: 

Rebranding is often updating content to reflect the new brand voice and messaging. Make sure the quality of the content is always high and relevant to your target audience. Update any outdated or irrelevant content and create new content that relates with the audience under the new brand identity. Content should reflect the genuine values and mission of the rebranded company. The content you create should be engaging and interactive to capture the audience’s attention and encourage participation and should be creative and innovative to differentiate the rebranded company from the competitors and spark interest among audiences. Content effectiveness should be measured by using key performance indicators like engagement metrics, brand sentiment and conversion rates. 

Optimize For Mobile:

Users who are using the internet through smart phones are increasing. It is very important to make sure that your website is modified for mobile friendliness. Google’s mobile first indexing is that mobile friendly websites are prioritized first in search results. Using responsive digital principles make sure your website or app is built properly. When you start your designing process with mobile experience in mind. Designing for the mobile first makes sure that your website or app is optimized for smaller screens with only needed content and features prioritized. Test your site on various devices and screen sizes to identify any problems and issues or areas of improvement. Gather feedback from users and regularly optimize your mobile experience. 

Re-establish Brand Authority: 

If the customers are unaware of the new brand identity, rebranding through a top branding agency in Chennai, can sometimes revive your brand authority. Focus on establishing your brand’s credibility through consistent messaging, thought leadership content, positive customer experiences to regain trust and authority. On social media, engage with your customers and other channels to reintroduce your brand presence. Make sure that your new branding aligns with your core values and mission. Maintain the quality of the product or services throughout the rebranding process. You need to be transparent about the reasons behind the rebranding process. Collaborate with other reputable brands or organizations in your industry to improve your credibility and reach a wider audience. Consistency is very important in visual branding elements like the logo, color, palette, and typography. Consistent branding stresses brand recognition and helps to establish authority over time. 

Monitor And Adapt: 

After rebranding, recovering from it requires patience and perfect monitoring. You need to keep a close eye on the website analytics, keyword rankings and other performance metrics. Adapt your strategies based on the data you gather. Implement small scale tests and experiments to get the effectiveness of different rebranding elements before fully rolling them out. This can help you identify what works best for you and your brand and refine your approach. Keep your internal team informed and engaged throughout the rebranding process to make sure that everyone understands the goal and objectives and encourage open communication. 

Why Infinix Is Your Best Partner While Rebranding:

During a rebrand it’s very important to maintain or improve visibility in search engine results. Our SEO experts make sure that your new brand name, messaging, and website are optimized for search engines, helping you maintain or improve rankings. SEO specialists who are experts in digital marketing services, develop a content strategy that aligns with your SEO goals making sure that your new content attracts traffic and engages your audiences. After rebranding it’s important to monitor your website’s performance and track key metrics like the traffic, ranking and conversions. SEO professionals can set up analytics tools and provide regular reports to help you assess the impact of the rebrand and make data driven decisions moving forward. Building high quality backlinks is needed for improving your website’s authority and search engine rankings. 


Experiencing a major traffic drop can be concerning, but it’s not necessarily a sign of failure. By following these strategies and staying active with the trends you can immediately diagnose the issue and find solutions to recover lost traffic. Remember rebranding is just the journey and with careful planning and execution, you can come stronger and be more resilient than ever before. As the best SEO company in Chennai, Infinix provides customized services to suit each and every client by knowing their exact needs and requirements. 

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