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Video Marketing For Enhanced Business Growth!

Video Marketing For Enhanced Business Growth!

The consumers of today’s world have significantly changed in the way they interact with various brand messages. They want more interesting content to establish a connection. No longer bland marketing tactics work. Businesses have the persistent need to try out new strategies and adapt to those that perform well. It is always the path towards increasing your brand and your business growth.

Businesses employ the best branding companies in Chennai to formulate innovative, interactive, and impactful strategies to reach more customers in the best manner. It takes a conscious effort on the business managers to build effective marketing campaigns to create a distinct identity for the brand with their customers.

On that note, we will now look into an aspect of Digital Content Marketing—Videos. Video content plays a major role in enabling conversions and engagement with the target audience. Let us now explore why video marketing can enhance your business growth and how you can integrate it into your business.

Why is video marketing essential?

To bring out the importance of Video Marketing, let us talk numbers!

  • It is estimated that around 85% of all businesses across industries use Videos in their marketing mix.
  • The importance given to Videos as a part of the marketing campaign has increased from 73% in 2015 to around 92% in 2021.
  • 84% of the people are most likely to purchase a product after watching the brand’s videos.
  • There is a 2x chance of video content being shared than other forms of content like blog posts and social media posts.

Now you might be convinced about the power videos hold with them. These statistics are only the peak of an iceberg. Video marketing offers a lot of benefits for brand-building purposes. Before you approach video production companies in Chennai, it is important to know the forms of video marketing available to you.

Forms of Video Marketing

Typically, most companies produce the following forms of videos for your business.

  • Product videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Social Media Shorts
  • Documentaries
  • Ad films
  • Animation videos

As a business, you can choose to integrate all these forms of video marketing as you deem fit in the marketing process.

3 pillars of a great Video Marketing strategy

Video Marketing isn’t the typical ‘pick the phone, shoot a video, and post it!’ formula! A meticulous thought process is essential in coming up with a great Video Marketing strategy. Here’s what you need to do with the best corporate video makers in Chennai to craft an impactful marketing campaign.

1 – Clear Objective

No matter the content, the message you say, and to whom you say it matters the most. Create an objective that remains the sole purpose of the Video Marketing Campaign. Who do you want to target? What would you like to emphasize about the brand to them? What returns/outcomes do you expect? The answer to these questions paves the way towards a solid campaign.

2 – Stay true to the voice of the brand

The colors, the voiceover, the images, the shots—every little detail in the video must reflect the true essence of the brand. If your brand stands for happiness, show it in every frame. If your brand stands for simplicity, show it in every little aspect of the making. People always prefer brands that stay true to their purpose and image.

3 – Personalized Content

The best digital marketing company in Chennai would suggest making content that tends to create a sense of connection with the target audience. Content that is made to resonate with the customers on a personal level makes the brand stronger and memorable.

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