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why use google ads for your business

Why Use Google Ads For Your Business?

Any time a consumer wants something, what is the very first thing that they do? They “google” it! Over 5 billion searches happen every day and that’s astronomical. That is the most favorable place for a business. And Google Ads can get your business close to your potential customers. Realizing the benefits of google ads, many small businesses are working with the best branding agency in Chennai. But, why use Google Ads for your business? How does it help to reach more of your target audience?

This blog post will answer that and also leave you with something more to think about once you have finished reading it.

What does your business stand to gain?

Google Ads can create abundant sales opportunities and build your brand’s awareness. Although, it is implied that everything must be optimized and done right. Here are some advantages you have when your business chooses Google Ads.

  • Be there when prospects search for your business
  • Highly targeted
  • Can target different audience sets based on requirements
  • Measurable
  • Quick results

Google AdWords benefits

1 – Wide range of targeting options

Traditional marketing would never equal what digital marketing can do for your business. One of the primary benefits of Google Adwords is its targeting. You can show your brand to your audience at every stage of their buying journey. It will increase the odds of closing a deal with them. A broad search query will mean that the prospect is in the initial stage of their buying decision. A very specific search query would mean that they know about the product and are very likely to convert. With the help of the best digital marketing company in Chennai, you can also create effective ad campaigns for customers at every stage of the marketing funnel.

2 – Intent

Let us take two groups of people: One is reached by digital marketing and the other by traditional marketing. It will not be surprising that the former group would have higher chances of conversion. Why? Because digital customers are intent-driven. And Google Ads taps into this intent or interest of the prospects. Thus, increasing the leads for the business.

Therefore, consult an expert who can give you data-driven SEM services in Chennai.

3 – Targeting local customers

When you go for a large-scale marketing, and the ads show for someone outside your intended audience—it is a waste of resource and money. But, that is taken care of in Google Adwords. You can target customers within a geographical area who belong to your buyer profile and also choose the desired time for the ad to run.

Hence, every dollar you spend on Ads will be effectively used to drive more leads for your business.

4 – Measurable

A business can track various performing metrics like PPC, conversion rates, and CTR. With these data, the campaigns can be further improved for enhancing the reach. Traditional channels lack this sort of actionable insights. Consult the best PPC company in Chennai to boost your brand’s marketing efforts through strategic

This post would have explained why a business needs to advertise on Google clearly, if not in full. The results and effectiveness will solely depend on the quality of the campaign you create and all the other activities in bringing a strategy to life.

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