Importance Of Local SEO For Small Business Owners

Importance Of Local SEO For Small Business Owners

A business needs to adapt to the changing market conditions to thrive. Long gone are the days when the brick-and-mortar model gave results. Now, there is an integration of both online and offline mediums to deliver value to the customers. This is where an experienced digital marketing company comes into the picture. There are lots of ways to build a brand digitally. One such method is local SEO. This blog post will highlight the importance of local SEO for small business owners.

What Is Local SEO?

Before getting into the nuances of it, let us first understand what Local SEO is. This strategy targets the immediate prospects of a local business. Like any other digital marketing technique, the local SEO strategy heavily relies on proper On-page optimization and keeping the Google Business Profile (GBP) updated with relevant queries.

Working with one of the best SEO company would ensure your success with your local SEO campaign.

Importance Of Local SEO

Why is there so much importance on this particular digital marketing strategy? Well, let the numbers do the talking from here. Around 45% of the google search queries are focused on local businesses. In another study conducted by Forbes, 95% of the users searched for a local business on their mobile devices, of which 61% called while 59% visited the company’s website. Even more interesting is that 88% of the local searchers call or visit the business within 24 hours. Isn’t this enough fact to support that local SEO has effective conversion rates?

The best part about this technique? You get to receive all the traffic and the subsequent conversions at no cost! With the expertise of an SEO agency, you can skyrocket your brand’s reach.

Who Needs To Do Local SEO?

Local SEO will benefit businesses with a physical store that serves customers. The company should also cater within a specific geographic location. There is no need for a website but it is preferred. This strategy is more effective for certain industries such as:

  • Local services – Hair salons, plumbers, gyms, electricians, and accountants
  • Medical services – Pharmacy, hospitals, and doctors
  • Hospitality – Cafe, restaurants, and hotels

However, local SEO would not be a good option if you are an e-commerce retailer since the geographical location that you serve is very broad.

What Makes Local SEO Effective?


An SEM company in Chennai runs paid ads for leads. A small business cannot allocate a budget for such campaigns. So, the next best alternative is local SEO. You virtually don’t need to spend anything to get your business listed on GBP and for its optimization.

Quality leads

People who perform local searches have high chances of conversion. They search for your service because they need it. Therefore, the leads that you receive will perfectly match with that of your target audience persona. Local SEO also helps to project your brand as an expert and problem-solver when they see detailed information about your company during the search.

Local SEO ranks are based on the proximity, relevance, and prominence of a business. You must optimize your listing with these factors in mind. Realize your brand’s hidden potential with infiniX360 one of the best branding companies in Chennai. Let your business skyrocket with local SEO.

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