5 Ways To Run Your PPC Campaign Successfully

5 Ways To Run Your PPC Campaign Successfully

Any brand must have a clear-cut strategy to run its PPC campaign successfully. This strategy may either come from your in-house team or from the best digital marketing company. Once the plan is in place, it is now time to live out your campaign. Then what do you do? In this blog, we will share 5 ways to run your PPC campaign successfully.

1 – Enable Proper URL Tracking

Apart from looking at the conversion rates, you need to measure other data as well. With URL tracking, you can know the campaign, keywords, and page that gave you a lot of leads. To harness this data, apply ValueTrack and UTM parameters at the end of the landing page link.

For the best results, use the following parameters in the URL:

  • utm_source – The platform where the ad is performing
  • utm_medium – Mode of the campaign
  • utm_campaign – PPC campaign’s name
  • utm_term – Keywords stated in the campaign
  • utm_device – Nature of the device (Mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • utm_matchtype – Keyword match type (Broad, exact, phrase)

If it sounds too technical for you, let a data-driven PPC agency in Chennai like infiniX360 handle the PPC campaign right from its setup to the performance and further optimizations.

2 – Marketing Segmentation Is A Must

Sometimes, a PPC campaign will be created for each product or service that a company offers. Not that it is wrong to do so but, it can give results only to an extent. You can divide your target audience into segments concerning your product. Here are some examples of segmentation:

A subcategory of your service/product – Say you run a Digital Marketing firm, you can run separate campaigns for SEO with the keyword. Likewise, for other branches such as SEM, ORM, and PPC.

Benefits – Have a campaign that focuses on the benefits of the product/service

Target Industry – You can target a specific industry. For example, interior design campaigns, payroll services campaigns, and so on.

Location – You can also divide the campaigns based on location.

3 – Choose Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the driving force of any PPC campaign. The intent behind the keyword should form the basis of selection. For instance, there is a lot of difference between the only keyword “SEO” and “SEO services in Chennai”. The former can mean that the user is looking to know about SEO but the latter shows the user who typed it is looking to work with an SEO company.

4 – Use Ad Copy To Filter Visitors

Clearly state your expectations in the Ad copy. If you are catering to a small business, mention that in the creative. For example, ‘PPC lead generation for small businesses.’ You can do the same across multiple elements like the industry, buyer’s persona, and pricing. This tactic will help you filter visitors even before they click on the ad.

5 – Keeping Testing And Improving

Do not create a campaign and forget all about it. Keep optimizing for better reach, analyze weak spots, and edit elements of the campaign accordingly.

Get in touch with infiniX360, one of the reputed PPC companies in Chennai for all your digital marketing needs. We have a track record of successful PPC campaigns through our strategic approach encompassing thorough keyword research, strategic Ad management, and continuous optimization. Hence, approach us to ensure long-term success in the competitive landscape of digital advertising.

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